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The Ataraxia Systemic Regenerative Private Equity Fund is a combination of Seed, Venture Capital and Private Equity investment vehicle combined, allocating capital to highly profitable companies that enact systemic change to address social and environmental injustices.

Ataraxia is a New York registered investment advisor specialized in systemic change, environmentally regenerative and socially just investment management solutions for institutional investors. Registration does not imply competence.

The company is a minority-owned investment manager and was founded in April 2017 to provide institutional investors with an alternative, innovative investment management strategy for the transition to social, and environmental justice. We practice what we preach.

Ataraxia does not promote past performance as results will be specific to each client and dependent on the criteria that are taken into consideration when defining an investment strategy together with other factors, some of which are not exclusively dependent on past numerical performance. Clients and their strategies are kept confidential and historical success should be of little comfort in this unprecedented era of change.

Investments engage risks and their value can decrease as well as increase. Past performance is not a predictive indicator of future results, especially in innovative investment programs. Ataraxia makes no claims as to the profitable performance of any services, either directly, or indirectly via Links to third parties available through this Website. Ataraxia is not responsible for the content of any third-party Websites referenced. Please contact us by scheduling a free introductory session for more in-depth discussions about how we can help you to manage your assets according to regenerative principles.

Additional information including the latest ADV forms can be found on the Investment Advisor Public Disclosure website here.

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