Ataraxia is an institutional private equity investment manager specialized in designing, constructing and managing portfolios composed of companies that are engaged in systems change,  environmental regeneration and social justice. Unlike traditional private equity firms we actually practice what we preach, while remaining firmly focused on performance.

The future of private equity is about allocating capital to companies that are addressing our most pressing issues today, without creating problems for tomorrow. Embracing a culture of collaboration and transparency is the new paradigm for the private equity industry. We believe systemic change can drive above-market performance and source hidden opportunities.

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Impact Portfolio...


Purpose must be explicit before a meaningful portfolio can be constructed. Intentionality – the priorities of allocating capital to drive outcomes should be defined, using tools and KPIs that can measure desired results.


Based on portfolio purpose and design, asset selection and potential target companies are identified. Stakeholders such as community leaders, like-minded investors and sector specialists are brought in for feedback.


Consulting with stakeholders, co-investors and specialists, tracking results according to predetermined KPIs and metrics is combined with the overall deal structuring for optimal participation in target companies.

Investment Management & Company...


ESG integration is often a first step in determining what matters and how to measure it. This consists of examining internal and external non-financial material factors to complement the financial metrics of investments and operations.


Board of Directors structured seminars are designed to prompt holistic reflections by business leaders to embrace the importance of non-financial material factors into their strategy and leadership. Can be extended to the executive level.


Pooling resources for asset owners with identical objectives for profit while respecting the planet and people can be the most efficient means of achieving change. Resources and risk are shared and success leverages on collaboration.

Planet - People - Profit

We strive to achieve above-market returns allocating capital to companies that are carbon negative, environmentally regenerative and socially engaged. All at once. No compromise. Contact us to find out more

Additional information including the latest ADV forms can be found on the Investment Advisor Public Disclosure website here.

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