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In just a few hours, acquire an understanding of the complexities of ESG investing as a professional and speak and act with confidence on the relevant systemic issues in the post-COVID-19 investment environment. Empower yourself!


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Large investment banks and asset managers are feeding you the information that benefits their bottom line. This is NOT what ESG investing is about.

Evolving Rapidly

Keeping up with the rapid evolution of post-COVID-19 investment management requires a different perspective on valuation and risk. Understand the issues so you can act appropriately.

No One-Size-Fits-All

The solutions for next-generation ESG investment management require an understanding of the issues and concerns. Buying an ESG fund won't cut it.

Systemic Tools

The pandemic has brought systemic risks of investment portfolios to the forefront. Discover how to adapt systemic tools to constructing and managing your portfolios for future-proofing against risk.


ESG investing is about context: Environmental, Social and Governance contexts have material impacts on our investment portfolios. Don't miss out!


You wouldn't ask the fox on how to design the hen house. Get a fresh perspective on the issues from an independent source without the interference of financial product placement.

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