Finding the Impetus for Systems Change

You probably wouldn’t do this without a safety net or a rope. An old rope is not reassuring. Enacting systems change requires breaking the cycle of positive reinforcement of the current system. Easier said than done. The current requirements that asset owners and their representatives (gatekeepers, OCIOs, investment consultants) stipulate before entrusting their assets to

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Where are the Alternative Visions of Post-COVID-19 Investing?

A Separate Reality? Discussions are popping up all over the news about reopening the economy and getting back to normal, even with the threat of a second wave of the pandemic. If there is anything we have learned in the last four months is that economic “normal” may require a new definition. Many pundits refuse

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ESG, AI & ML – No Substitute for Values, Culture and Meaning

(ESG — stands for environmental, social and governance) I was looking at a graph on the Visual Capitalist website recently, on a page that depicted where investors put their money in 2018 — graphically represented by Jeff Desjardins and published on February 20th, 2019. Pictures are worth a thousand words… Specifically, what caught my attention

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The Critical State of ESG Investing

The whole ESG — environmental, social and governance — investment industry is at a cross roads. Either something happens to make it effective and meaningful, or blind pursuit of, and irrational clinging to, outdated beliefs and practices will push the whole of society into a very dangerous situation, with a majority of people erroneously thinking

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ESG Integration: Beyond Checking the Box

A Critique of Pure Frenzy As the ESG investment movement gathers momentum, it seems as though the need for critical appraisal of the activity is being pushed to the corners of our attention. All of the major asset managers and banking institutions have jumped on the band wagon to provide some product or service, designed

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